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Mission & Vision

Determined to bring people a happier state of mind with innovative mobile apps and content.

Empower people with ultimate apps.


Learnings is a leading mobile app developer targeting global markets, dedicated to bring people a happier state of mind with innovative mobile apps. Founded in 2016, Learnings’ products have quickly scaled over 300 million global users within only two years, 85% of which from global markets and 70% from the U.S. market. As of Nov. 2018, the amount of monthly active users has reached 20 million. Now Learnings has built a product ‘Troika’ of tools, content and entertainment, utilizing big data and artificial intelligence to drive company growth in the competitive mobile app industry.
In 2018, 6 apps of Learnings were recommended by Google Play and App Store, and two of them ranked among ‘the Most Entertaining Apps of 2018’ on Google Play: Kawaii Drawing and Easy Drum.



“Kawaii Drawing” and “Easy Drum” were both among “Most Entertaining Apps of 2018” on Google Play Store


“Peace” was selected as “Best App of November” by App Store


Learnings’ subsidiary was established in Chengdu, China


Annual income reached 0.1 billion RMB


“ColorColor” was featured as “Editer’s Choice” by Google Play Store


Honored as the high-tech innovation enterprise by the government


Moved to Dongsheng Tech Park, Zhongguan Village


“Horoscope” was globally recommended by Google Play Store


Establish cooperation with Apple


Establish cooperation with Google and Facebook


Launched the first product and achieved profitability


Founded in Beijing, China


Ryan Liu
Ryan Liu is responsible for leading Learning’s overall operation and global strategies.

In less than 2 years, he has built Learnings a new-emerging leader in global internet market. With his influence, Learnings became the leadingdeveloper of China on tools, content and entertainment.

Prior to founding Learnings, Ryan served as the Mobile Business Director for Google. With 12+ years experience of mobile internet, he possesses a sharp insight of the industry.
John Li
John Li is in full charge of the products and technologies of Learnings.

He has achieved consecutive success of startups in the mobile internet industry. With 10 years of internet knowledge, 8 years of technical development and management experience and 8 years of product development experience, he has led his team to successfully develop products such as Boat Browser and Floating Toucher.

The products under his leadership including Kawaii Drawing, Easy Drum, and Peace have scaled more than 100 million users.


Think like a leader. Act like a leader. Pick up the trash as you will at home.
You focus on goals and results and stay committed to mission.
You motivate yourself as well as others with your thirst for excellence.
You seek what is best for Learnings, rather than best for yourself or your group.
You challenge stereotypes, and suggest better approaches.
You learn rapidly and eagerly.


Unlimited freshly ground coffee
Free three meals a day
Various drinks and snacks for foodies
Daily fresh fruits
MacBook Pro & height-adjustable desks
Group brain-training games
- Professional and talented team. Strong profitability growth.
- Five basic insurance policies, housing funds, and commercial medical insurance.
- Macbook Pro and 25-inch dual-display monitors.
- Height-adjustable desks & ergonomic chairs.
- Free three meals, unlimited freshly ground coffee, various beverage, fruit and snacks.